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Finding great gift ideas online ironically, can be challenging in our present Digital Age. We essentially have access to just about any information we could possibly need right at our fingertips. But access doesn’t necessarily mean we know where to go to find what we need, and some of us end up forgetting where we parked in the first place.

Even when we do have some kind of an idea for what gift we want to get, a considerable amount of time can be spent researching, comparing options, wondering which sources are more reliable, and who we can trust.

Often many of us begin our gifting brainstorm by thinking about what someone would like. This is a good idea and usually one of the first things we think about because it just makes sense. The problem is it’s easy to get stuck and bountiful gift ideas don’t always flock our way. We are going to help with that because gift ideas that never become gifts are kind of like angels that never get their wings.

In most cases it will help if you first focus on context because your brain is already trying to do the calculations. When you have a good understanding of the context for the gift, it will help simplify and organize your thoughts leading you in the right brainstorming direction.

To help clear the path for quality gift-giving, here is some practical gift-wisdom straight from the The Giftian’s mouth:

“The secret to great gift ideas is fully understanding context, which when clearly defined provides meaning and helps prime our aptitude for empathy so we get started in the right direction.”

– The Giftian


What is a gift’s context?

Consider what is necessary in order for the gift-giving to take place. There are four fundamental gifting elements we like call congiftions, these make up the context for a gift. It’s rather simple to identify these core congiftions and by doing so you will clarify purpose. It’s important because if we don’t know why we are doing something, the results can reflect that.

Before you begin your gift ideas brainstorm, take a moment to fill in the blanks for these 4 core congiftions. Ah yes, the wit thickens you see because C.O.R.E. is in fact an acronym.

Can you guess what they are?

C =


This could be considered the price tag or your budget, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. It is the effort, time, and/or money, put forth into the gift before it is received by the recipient. For example if you have a Do-It-Yourself gift or something you made at home, the cost would be your time and energy.

O =


There is always an occasion, even if it’s “just because.” Birthdays, holidays, recognition, whatever the occasion may be, at least identify it. This is important because it is part of what frames the context just like the other congiftions.

R =


This congiftion helps keep all the others in check. When you are buying an office gift or gifts for co-workers, there can be a big difference if the gift is for your boss or one of your colleagues. Also just to illustrate the significance of this congiftion, you wouldn’t buy your best friend’s spouse a romantic gift, or bring balloons to a funeral, you get the idea.

E =


Environment is the final congiftion that defines the setting in which the gift will take place. It factors in any other people involved who may be present and also giving gifts, as well as when and where it’s all going down.

All four congiftions exist in every gift, make sure you’ve got them covered and let those gift ideas flow! The Giftian wants these 4 core congiftions to ultimately help you become a better gift-giver. They certainly have helped us come up with plenty of unique gift ideas, best of luck to you all!

We love hearing from you, so feel free to share your thoughts; good, bad, gifty, shifty, let ’em loose.

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