Best Gift Ideas For Men

The Giftian points you to gift ideas only after extensive review of each individual item, here are some of our best recommended gift ideas for men.

This particular list is one of our favorites because the group of men on our team collectively own many of the items you’ll find below. Thorough research that is backed with personal experience make some pretty solid recommendations.

Many of the following men’s gift ideas are great for Christmas, Birthdays, and even Anniversaries. This collection has also been built to cater different budgets with prices ranging from $10 up to $350. We like practical recommendations, and by practical we mean no nonsense, reasonably priced, and high quality.

See something you like?

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This magnificent little invention is smaller than a Rubix cube, for reference a post-it note is 3″x 3″ and this portable, battery-charged projector is 2″x 2″ which is impressive even to the Millennial generation. This pocket movie-theater also comes with a cool tripod stand that has octopus-like arms you can move around and adjust to get your projection projected just the way you like it.

If manly confidence had an aroma this is what it smells like. This is one of our favorite colognes for men we highly recommend, and also commend Versace for the name choice “Eros” which they really hit on the nose.

In Greek, “Eros” directly translates as “desire.” But since the majority of us probably don’t speak Greek, we like to go with option number two where Eros is a name in Greek mythology for the god of love. Vanilla, oak moss, cedar, mint, green apple, lemon, and tonka bean are just some of the ingredients brilliantly crafted together to deliver a harmonious balance of manly-smell-good that both men and women all seem to like as a top choice for men’s cologne.

If you like the cologne gift idea but are looking for something more budget-friendly, check out this Versace Eros 3 Piece Mini Gift Set which includes cologne, shower gel, and aftershave, all of which make a man smell like the Greek god of love.

If he has an office or area of the house where he gets to make the decisions about decor, he will definitely find a place to put this up. It’s titled “Lunch atop a Skyscraper,” a photo taken in 1932 of ironworkers having lunch on the 69th floor that they still happen to be constructing. Based on our research (wikipedia), the photo was semi-staged meant to be used to promote the construction of the RCA Building. You can also get it framed, we prefer the canvas because the photo wraps around the edges and you don’t have to worry about the color of the frame matching anything, which is also somewhat of a manly preference that goes nicely with this manly gift.

Younger gents love this wallet for a number of reasons. We love it because it’s unique, affordable, and the thin, low-profile size is nice for both visual and ergonomic reasons. The magic fold for how you store your money and take it out is the cherry on top because it suddenly becomes kind of a magic toy that never gets old.

Men love their garages and many have their own mini workshops to tinker around in. The Kreg Jig is a champion of a gift choice if he doesn’t already have one, so check first if you can. In the carpentry world this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, we can’t find anyone who doesn’t love it from seasoned veterans with missing fingers to beginners with splinters. If your woodworking skills stop at Ikea, this genius invention can take you further and beyond because you can build almost anything with it out of wood.

If you liked this men’s gift idea and discovered he already has one don’t fret, there are tons of awesome accessories and add-ons like clamps for example, which make excellent gift choices and are also very affordable.

If he likes to fire up the barbecue look no further than this rare collection of gourmet smoked sea salts from around the world. This unique gift idea will bring some upscale flavors to your own backyard BBQ with Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Smoked Chipotle Sea Salt, or Coconut & Lime Sea Salt; just to name a few out of the 11 it comes with. Aside from treating the tastebuds, it has one-of-a-kind packaging that makes an excellent presentation for a gift. The smoked salts are individually housed in Pyrex glass tubes with cork stoppers, and the hand-made wooden base is made from recycled lumber, so each one is unique! The collection also comes with a reference card that has basic cooking instructions and recommendations for each flavor.

Knives are actually more dangerous when they are dull. This is quite possibly the world’s best and most portable pocket knife sharpener. It comes with three different sharpeners; carbide, ceramic, and a diamond tapered rod. The carbide has the heaviest grit and will help set the blade edge, the ceramic will polish a fine sharp edge, and the tapered rod is a medium grit used for sharpening serrated areas of a blade. The tapered rod can be used for flat blade edges as well, but you’d have to maintain a consistent 23 degree angle the entire time which is what the other two sharpeners are cleverly angled to do. You can read more about it but basically if you have a pocket knife, you should also have this sharpener.

If he always keeps cigars stocked up somewhere or has a smaller humidor, this is the perfect upgrade gift he would consider a luxury. It comes with all the bells and whistles, or I guess we should say Spanish cedar and thermoelectric cooling system, to create basically the perfect controlled environment for cigar preservation, storage, and aging. In addition to all the cool stuff it does, it makes a pretty cool showpiece for when you have guests over.

This is also for the cigar connoisseur as it makes the perfect humidor travel companion. It holds up to 5 cigars and is waterproof. This is also a great choice if he likes to keep only a few cigars, be sure and get at least one Drymistat-Humidor Humidifer Tube which will monitor the humidity level by itself. Self-sustained humidity levels are a good thing to not have to worry about with cigars.

This is a tremendous read for any man and we highly recommend it. By knowing some of the stuff covered in this book some lives could be saved, no joke. From navigating by stars, to hunting, tying knots, identifying venomous snakes, starting a fire, even golf swings, this book covers it. It’s an entertaining read that provides manly value, the only thing it doesn’t cover is women; and wisely so.

If he enjoys playing chess he probably doesn’t have this one, this is a unique and clever gift for the chess lover. Some people hang up a velvet drawstring bag to hold the pieces taken during gameplay, others just set them on top of the frame. This Straight Up chess board would be great to put up in an office or somewhere at home if family members play each other.

The camera on your phone has got nothing on this. Thanks to a surfer who wanted to capture some footage of himself in action – most likely surfing a barrel or tube wave, we have the GoPro. If it’s within your budget this is the perfect gift idea for both men and women who love adventure or the outdoors. It has also become an incredible tool used by teachers, coaches, musicians, and it makes an excellent travel companion you can take on trips or use to capture home videos and family events. This new version of GoPro has a free app you can download on your phone that acts as a remote and packs tons of cool features. Be sure and check out the kit that comes with all kinds of extensions and mounting hardware. If you decide to buy it you will also need a memory card, and a lot people like to get a backup battery. Whoever the lucky someone is receiving this gift, they most definitely will love it.

Headlamps are great for many uses, most commonly they are used outdoors in climbing, hiking, cycling, spelunking, etc. but it is also fantastic to have one around the house. Especially if you are crawling around in an attic or crawlspace, or even grilling some steaks outside at night. It’s battery-powered, has different brightness settings, and is powerful enough to light up any darkness problem. This is so obvious we almost needn’t say it but, it’s great because it is hands free and always shines the light where you’re looking.

Many men carry pocket knives, they’re useful and well, manly. There are many pocket knives available and we happen to like this one mainly because it’s a Kershaw, you’ll get high quality steel at an affordable price.

Aside from an endless number of television ads years ago, Bowflex stepped it up and got pretty innovative with this one. We love it because they took an entire dumbbell set – which is bulky, heavy, and takes up a lot of room; and compacted it into one convenient space saving set you can easily store away if needed. This is a great gift for the man who enjoys working out and also an excellent add-on if he already has some sort of weight machine or bench press at home.

This men’s manicure set makes a fantastic gift. We know it’s a great little product because it was personally given as a gift to one of our team members and he loves it. We would advise you though to get the stainless steel kit and not the bronze, and you’ll have an affordable, stylish, winner of a gift idea.

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