At one time or another, we all have fallen short on giving a gift that is well received and appreciated by the recipient. The nice thing with men is that they can be fairly direct and you’ll be able to gauge right away if they like your gift or not. Other times you may just find out over time, like the button down plaid shirt that never left his closet since you gave it to him. Clothing is a popular gift of choice for men, it doesn’t help at all either that approximately 1 out of every 10 guys is colorblind. He may actually like the clothing you picked out but doesn’t have the faintest clue how to make it work with other clothes or how to put a whole outfit together. The good gifts men like are those received with a smile you can see in their eyes and they often boast to their friends about it or show it off. Here are some great gift ideas for men perfect for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or as a Father’s Day gift, that work well with ages ranging from bachelors, to fathers, to grandfathers.

#1 Classy Belt

This elegant Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Linxx Buckle is a perfect gift for men no matter their age. Help him keep his pants up in style because after all it’s been said, crack kills. Featuring sizing up to a 44” waistline, this genuine leather belt will suit many occasions formal or casual, it makes a great gift choice!

#2 Manly Safety Razor

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Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
List Price: $99.00
Price: $29.97
You Save: $69.03
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This cool men’s Safety Razor makes a great gift and is a popular choice because most men shave! It is an expertly engineered, high quality, Double Edge Safety Razor and Wet Shave Kit. A gift that keeps on giving and helps them stay looking sharp. This type of razor in particular has a masculine look and feel to it and will make his shaving experience more enjoyable, plus it just looks better displayed in the bathroom than some enormous electric shavers that look like Decepticon Transformers.

#3 BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories


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Everyone knows dads love to BBQ, and they always need new tools and gadgets beside the drill. Give them the best gift this Father’s Day with their very own set of barbeque tools. Because they love to grill out, they’re surely going to need tools for their next tailgating party! By Home-Complete, this 18 pc. Set of BBQ tools with their aluminum sided carrying case will surely set them apart at the next family gathering! With a 10 year, limited manufacturer warranty, they won’t have to even worry about replacing a piece of this set if they happen to break. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this complete kit will never rust or become tarnished after use. Simply place in the dishwasher for easy cleanup of those sticky BBQ sauces.

#4 Money Clip Wallet – Decommissioned Fire Hose – Unique wallets for Men

Any man knows you need a strong and sturdy wallet to hold all your credit cards and money. But who wants a bulky and heavy wallet weighing down your back pocket? And when you sit on it, ouch! Well no more with this sleek and slim “Decommissioned Fire Hose” Money Clip Wallet. Crafted from recycled used fire hoses, you can be guaranteed it will last you for years. With a minimalist design, this wallet and money clip is only 0.7 inches thick. Never worry about fitting that packed wallet into your pocket again.

#5 Personalized Engraved Flask


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Our favorite men love to receive unique gifts, and this personalized engraved flask is the perfect gift for special occasions this year. Featuring a miniature whisky bottle design, it looks just like a bottle of Whisky, Scotch, or Bourbon. They will love the unique deep etched engraving on the front, and using sand carving technology this inscription will never rub off. The message on the front is completely up to you, can feature their name and type of liquor, or can be changed to whatever you prefer. At 3.75” wide and 8” tall, it is the perfect size to fit in their pockets for special occasions or tailgate parties.

#6 Gift Basket Village It’s a Guy Thing for Guys

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Gift Basket Village It's A Guy Thing for Guys
List Price: $68.95
Price: $58.00
You Save: $10.95
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Every girl knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and now you can even order the perfect gift basket full of goodies right from Gift Basket Village today. Included in this wonderfully presented gift basket are the perfect guy munchies, such as sausages, cheeses, mustards, and chips. They will remember this gift as one that keeps on giving, and you can order it in under 5 minutes for that special day!

#7 The Manteen®

We all know using disposable water bottles just fill up our garbage systems, creating problems at the landfill, and everyone is more eco-conscious these days. Your favorite guy will certainly appreciate this stainless-steel water bottle, double walled insulated reusable beverage holder. At 17 ounces and BPA free, they will have no problem fitting enough water, soda, beer or juice for their day out on the golf course, or at the next party. They won’t feel guilty about using so many disposable water bottles all the time with the ease and functionality of this amazing stainless steel water bottle!

#8 Leather Wallet

This elegant premium leather wallet is the perfect replacement for your father’s old crammed wallet he’s had for years. With all the talk in the news of hackers and data identity theft, everyone knows these days the best protection for your credit cards is to encase them in a specially designed RIFD blocking case. Now you can have security and a fashionable design for your wallet made by a leading security accessories manufacturer. This bi-fold wallet design is practical and necessary for today’s security conscious people.

#9 Luxury Barber Men’s Grooming Box

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By Luxury Barber, this complete set of men’s grooming materials comes packed full of the essentials for today’s image conscious men. Perfect for Father’s Day, his birthday, or even your anniversary, this grooming box features 7 trial samples of: shaving cream, aftershave, pre-shave, hair styling products, shampoo, face and body Products, and grooming tools. He will think of you every time he gets ready for his busy day ahead.

#10 The Man Bucket

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Last but certainly not least, is a very creative gift idea brought to you by ManBuckets. We’d say that they live up to their name too with this 5 gallon steel bucket full of gear and grub. Everyone in the room will enjoy watching him pry into it and show off the contents one by one. It comes with leather work gloves, a screwdriver, a solid steel three-way hatchet, waterproof matches, and more! If he likes the outdoors and tools this makes a perfect gift that he will use and appreciate for a long time.


Many people find it difficult to shop for guys, even men themselves! Remember to consider context for the gift and see if one of the options above fits. Our personal favorite is the ManBucket. It’s creative, unique, and kind of a crowd pleaser. The fortunate guy who receives it will not only enjoy opening it, he will love the stuff inside and also appreciate being able to keep the 5 gallon steel bucket. Most gifts are commonly gift-wrapped in a cardboard box which are tossed in the trash afterward, we think it’s pretty cool how they added value to the gift housing to be functional and a great fit for the male recipients.

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