Do you have loved ones in your life who travels for work, school, or pleasure? Do you always wonder what the perfect gifts are for them?  Some of the best gifts for travelers are lightweight, compact, and functional. You don’t want to squeeze bulky pillows, lights, or bags into a small airplane seat or trains. Look no further for functionality in travel accessories than these Top 10 travel gifts on the market today.

#1 Luggage Tags Business Card Holder TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag in 10 Color Options


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This Luggage Tag or Business Card holder TUFFTAAG Travel ID bag tag comes in 10 color varieties to suit the many personalities of today’s business traveler. With high-quality reinforced stainless steel, these ProudGuy TUFFTAAG luggage tags are made to last the test of time, and miles and miles across the globe. Each 2.36” by 4.13” x 0.08” tag is attached by a thick and sturdy steel cable that will never break or cause you to lose your luggage. The tag fits any type suitcase, from small to large, from golf bags to your laptop case or stroller. A personalized PDF printable is emailed with each purchase, and can be customized to read your name, phone number, address, initials, or even frame your business card for you!

#2 Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

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Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert (2 Pack)
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Tarriss Travel Gear has come up with a safe and secure TSA Lock with SearchAlert to keep your bags protected from thieves and vandals. A 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty is sure to make your loved one’s travel gear always be protected. The SearchAlert function shows travelers at a glance when the lock has been deactivated by changing the lock indicator from green to red. This 2 Pack of TSA locks are accepted by TSA agents at the airport and allows them to unlock, inspect, and relock your bags quickly should the need arise without damaging your expensive luggage or cutting your existing locks off!  The Tarriss TSA Lock is great for people who have a hard time seeing small numbers, and the easy to turn 3-digit dial will allow for up to 1,000 different combinations to choose from.

#3 Travel Packing Cubes Large 6 Set Luggage Organizers Versatile Pouch Laundry Bag


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Have you ever been stuck at the check-in desk at the airport with an overweight bag and a large line of travelers behind you groaning while you’re trying to choose what to take out? You’re sweating with the crowd behind you, the harried airport clerk is frowning in front of you watching you pull out your most private items like underwear, medicine or prescriptions, or even baby bottles and formula while you try to get your bag to pass their weight restrictions. Now that embarrassment is in the past with this 6-pc. set of packing cubes and luggage organizers. Allowing for faster organizing or switching items over to your carry-on bag, these eco-friendly space saving mesh pouches are perfectly sized from small (9.5” x 7”) to large (17.5” x 12.75”) so you can always fit what you need and pack quickly. An included laundry bag is perfect for quick trips to the cleaners or laundromat on the road.

#4 Levi‘s Men’s Traveler Wallet with Interior Zipper

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With 100% genuine leather, a flip-open flap traveler wallet is man’s best friend while flying across the globe or driving around the state. This pebbled black leather wallet features an embossed Levi’s logo on front and includes an interior zippered pocket to protect valuables. With 6 credit card pockets weighing a total of 6.4 ounces, your loved one will hardly feel this Levi’s Men’s Traveler Wallet in their back pocket!

#5 TOP QUALITY Soft RFID Blocking Travel Money Belt to Keep Money & Passport Safe

Every traveler wants to keep their valuables protected and hidden while on the road and discreetly hiding them under your clothes is the ultimate top pick protection. Using the Top Quality Soft RFID Blocking Travel Money Belt will keep your money and passport safely hidden from thieves and even cyber-attackers! Using the latest RFID blocking technology, the best feature of this money belt is that cyber-hackers cannot access your credit card information while sitting across from you in the airport or eating lunch next to you in a restaurant. Perfect for a woman or man and featuring water and sweat resistant Ripstop nylon materials, you can hide this money belt under your sweaters or T-Shirts and no one will know. With two credit card slots and an inner zippered pocket, you can be sure your valuables will not fall out while you are traveling!

#6 Dot & Dot – 15 Inches Packing Folder – Travel Garment Bag and Luggage Accessory

Any space conscious traveler knows effectively packing your clothes is the smartest way to travel light, and the Dot&Dot 15-inch Packing Folder keeps up to 7 items folded neatly while traveling! Featuring a carry handle and inner mesh pocket for your phone or documents, you can travel with ease using this lightweight travel garment bag accessory. Included with the packing folder is a handy garment folding guide that features easy-to-follow instructions to fold your clothes for wrinkle-free packing. Even kids can follow this guide and learn to travel light.

#7 Best Digital Luggage Scale UNIQUE Excess Overload Warning Light Free Batteries


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Most travelers have a hard time judging how much weight their luggage ends up being with their clothes and accessories, and end up paying more at the airport to cover these costs. Now they can quickly and easily check the weight at home using the best digital luggage scale on the market today! This is the only digital scale with a built-in red warning overweight indicator and backlight for your traveler on the go that saves you money at the check-in desk by weighing your luggage for you! Featuring an auto off and low battery indicator, this digital scale uses 2 AAA batteries included with purchase, so they are ready to go the minute they unwrap your gift, and can weigh bags up to a whopping 100 pounds so your traveler is never surprised.

#8 ‘Travel Fund’ Piggy Bank


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If you are looking for perfect travel gift for the holidays look no further than this fun and decorative “Travel Fund” Piggy bank! Featuring beautiful solid quality wood painted white with “Travel Fund” in black lettering and a weight of 10.4 ounces, your favorite traveler will love this unique way to save for their next big trip. With a rotating latch secured by a small screw on the bottom of the 5” x 5” box, you can securely save and retrieve your stash with a quick flip of the cover to the left or right—perfect way to teach the little kids about saving for their next big trip.

#9 WindMaster Travel Umbrella with Auto Open Close


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When you travel, you can go from sunny skies to wind and thunderstorms in the blink of an eye. We all want protection from the elements when we arrive without having to buy an expensive umbrella or rain gear at the airport gift shop. Now you have a choice to save money and arrive prepared with this Kolumbo UltraSlim WindMaster Wind Tested 55 MPH Travel Umbrella. Who doesn’t like to save money? Featuring a touch-button auto open and close, and an ultra-slim design, this umbrella, made of high-quality stainless steel and premium fiberglass, will keep you protected under a span of 35 inches, and with a touch of a button, it closes itself up and keeps you dry when entering or exiting your car, the airport, or hotel. A Lifetime guarantee will stand the test of time, and the elements, for years and years.

#10 Travel Watch Case


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How many times has your husband or father scratched their watch face when they throw it on the nightstand at bedtime? Never again! Using this single watch box with zipper, a soft cushion interior will make scratches, dents, and dings a thing of the past. Plus, they can’t drop the watch out of this round travel watch case with its zippered compartment. Fits watch sizes up to 50 mm and its deep concave center will cradle their most expensive watch with no fear of scratching the expensive gold, silver, or platinum metals. Even women will love this zippered travel watch case for the protection it will bring for their most precious rings, watches, and earrings.


The great thing about traveling are all the cool gadgets and new tech you can incorporate to make your life easier on the road. Your husband, wife, sister, mother, boss, father-in law, will all love the fact you are gifting a thoughtful, time saving gift for their next special occasion. Looking through this list of Top 10 Gifts for Travelers, we’re especially drawn to the Kolumbo UltraSlim WindMaster Wind Tested 55 MPH Travel Umbrella.

The form and function of this high wind travel umbrella allow us to never be caught in a thunderstorm or downpour when arriving at the airport again. A fabulous gift or present for any person who regularly travels or even for the home, office, or car. At this price, you can’t beat this WindMaster Kolumbo UltraSlim Travel Umbrella.

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