There are so many great gift ideas for women out there. Lots of women don’t get to take enough time for themselves, and they’ll appreciate almost all gifts that will allow them to do that. Plenty of women love gifts that have any sort of sentimental value as well. Naturally, women are extremely diverse in their interests and people should not shop for women as a generic group. However, it’s important to start somewhere, and there are certain gifts that many women will appreciate. Let’s look at the top 10 gifts for women:

#1 Flameless Remote Controlled Candles


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Get some romance brownie points with these remote controlled flameless candles. They are safe, odorless, and mess-free, yet still deliver the perfect ambiance women love. Place these little guys in larger shiny candle holders for an upgraded look. Most gifts are better wrapped but it’s worth considering a different presentation for these, cut the lights off, then use the remote, and your own music if it’s that kind of tête-à-tête.

#2 Valery Classic PU Leather Notebook Retro Vintage Diary & Journal Medium Size

Lots of people still like to keep hand-written journals these days, and it makes sense to do it in style. It doesn’t get more stylish than this truly gorgeous journal. This journal looks like something from another time in all the best ways. It’s small enough that people can easily carry it around with them. It’s a journal that is certainly going to go with everything, and women will appreciate it regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. Gifts like this allow women to be creative, which should always be encouraged.

#3 Shower Speaker, Elecstars Water Resistant Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This is the perfect gift for women who like to take long and peaceful showers. They can listen to almost anything that they want from that standpoint. This speaker is also much more aesthetically pleasing than most of the other ones on the market today. People who care about the aesthetics of their bathrooms are going to love this speaker on that basis alone. The sound quality is fantastic, and women are not going to have a hard time installing it after they open this gift.

#4 Top 6 Essential Oil Blends Gift Set for Diffuser

These different options for aromatherapy will be treasured possessions for anyone who loves aromatherapy. Almost everything that people will need for the sake of practicing aromatherapy is right here in this kit. There are six lovely scents that all have wonderful healing properties. This is a great gift for women who deserve to be pampered.

#5 Bath Bombs Gift Set – USA Made – Bath Bombs Kit

These are bath bombs that are going to make anyone’s bath that much better. They’re perfect for women who love to take long and luxurious baths, especially if they don’t get to do so all that often. In fact, these bath bombs may finally convince them to take some time for themselves to do just that. People can really feel as if they’re cared for when they have a lovely kit like this, which looks as good as it is.

#6 Tree Of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Stainless Steel Locket Pendant

This is like two gifts in one. People get the pretty necklace and they get all the essential oils. The gifts don’t initially seem as if they are related, which can make either one feel like a bonus gift. The necklace is a diffuser necklace, of course, which means that it is functional. However, it can still be worn as a piece of jewelry. The healing properties of the essential oils combined with the unique necklace will really make this a special gift.

#7 Pinkleaf Green Tea Argan Oil Bamboo Spa Bath Gift Set


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You are not going to find bath products that are as good as these in terms of everything from scent to the way they’re going to make a person feel. Anyone who wants to relax on vacation without having to go to a professional spa can enjoy all of these products and more. The gift basket itself is lovely and pretty much any woman will love this gift.

#8 Reb’L Fleur Rihanna Gift Set for Women

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Reb'L Fleur Rihanna Gift Set for Women
List Price: $25.59
Price: $25.59
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This set looks great and is a perfect gift. It’s a set that contains more than people usually get in these kinds of kits, with body lotion, bath and shower gel, and perfume. People don’t have to be a fan of Rihanna in order to love something like this, but you can’t deny that this will make a wonderful gift.

#9 Bvlgari The Women’s Gift Collection 5 Piece Mini Gift Set

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These are just the sorts of fragrances that people are going to want to display on a dresser or a makeup counter even when they’re not in use. They’re great for display, and they have a fantastic scent. There are scents here for nearly every occasion, making them particularly versatile.

#10 Perry Ellis 360 Fragrance for Women Gift Set

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360 By Perry Ellis For Women Gift Set
List Price: $37.11
Price: $33.99
You Save: $3.12
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This is another gorgeous set that contains body lotion, shower gel, and fragrances that can be worn on any occasion. This is truly a great set that can help women feel more prepared in the morning, the evening, or when attending an event. The package and the containers are also decorative which makes it even more appealing as a gift.


While there are lots of great gifts for women out there, the Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Stainless Steel Locket Pendant is one of the best gifts that any woman will absolutely love. It combines the beauty and healing powers of essential oils with the quirkiness of a diffuser that doubles as a necklace and many women will appreciate a gift that contains two gifts in one.

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